Mapping the Future

Today I read an article on  New York Times  website that I  could not let go without putting my two cents in on the topic.  While  I will agree with the statement that it is expensive to make a map, I can’t help but feel that the benefits of apple undergoing the endeavor and building an in-house app for the IOS far out-ways the disadvantage of just sticking with google.

First I should say, the only thing I have felt any dissatisfaction in with my I-Phone has been the maps.   what Google had put forth for their android OS has been much better  and more supported then what they in conjunction with apple has bundled in IOS.

I am not going to try to blame just Google for this; both companies are in a way responsible in my opinion.  but apple does indeed seem to do well when they build things themselves. So why not let them build a Map?  It will also bring much needed innovation to a stagnant field.   just look at the changes Bing was able to bring with their maps.

In the end, i encourage apple,  it may be hard and expensive, but completion will lead to the innovation that will make  all of our mobile maps that much better.

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