Thank you, Steve Jobs

Before I say my words, I would like to link to what apple had to say. Apple – Remembering Steve Jobs.

I did not know Steve Jobs, but it is undeniable the effect he has had on my life. from a young age, at school I was exposed to computers, and at that time they where Apples. As I grew up, I grew more and more interested in the technology; it would shape my path.

Steve Jobs was a visionary, a leader of the industry of computer and consumer electronics’. In fact he was a visionary at all the companies he touched. from Apple to Pixar. The world was lucky to have you, and you will be missed.

I will say no more, but I would suggest you all watch what he said in 1995 at Stanford. I have embedded it here for you. Rest in peace Steve, and thank you!

Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

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