Perhaps you have heard of it..   I am far, far from the first to talk about this, even at the beginning of writing this i have heard about it weeks ago,  but just began using it yesterday.  So what has one day, and only about one hour of playing thought me?  Vary little.  But having little to say, truly can say a lot if its all good.

I should start by saying that Facebook, and twitter never really captured my heart as a method of communication.  Even as a computer user, I did not find Facebook intuitive and easy on if i just wanted to share something to a few people.  and Twitter I truly only seen as a good way to follow interesting people.  however I was much more apt to follow there RSS Feed.

In my short time on Google+  I found its control’s intuitive. It’s circles are ingenious.   But perhaps best of all,  the privacy settings are easy to adjust and understand.  so in my short review based on just a little bit of playing so far, Google+ is definitely a Plus!

But don’t take my word for it, here are a few things I found on the google service. I am sure you can find more if your interested.

 A few links about it:

 Oh and Video two

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